Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Egg House Concept

Dai Haifei, a recent 24 year-old college graduate, working for an architectural design company and the inspiration came from the company’s display of a mobile, egg-shaped cabin called “egg of the city”. The reason to build this egg house is because it provided small homes for those struggling with low incomes.For your information, the house price in China is extremely high especially in city which almost impossible for any average family to afford.

He spent 6,400 yuan (US$958) to build this egg house. An oval-shaped gate with no lock surrounds the house, which stands about 2 meters high (more than 6 feet). The gate was hollowed out of the cabin’s exterior, which is comprised of gunnysacks. the interior of the cabin is constructed of woven bamboo boards fastened with nails. Bamboo mats and two kinds of insulation above the bamboo boards effectively retain the heat and keep out the water.

The egg house is solar powered as you can see there are a piece of solar power collector that look like a window on top of the house. Inside the egg house there are one 3 feet bed with several books on an overhead shelf and a water tank with a pressurized system provide water for bathing. However there are no kitchen inside the house (mostly because this egg house was made of flammable materials.)

Best of all the house was built with small wheels to render mobility, which mean you can move it to any place you want easily. According to the proud homeowner, the sacks contain grass seed that will sprout in the spring.


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