Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unknown creature caught by hunter's cam

An automatic camera set up by a Louisiana hunter on a deer stand appears to capture a mysterious human-like creature. The camera had been setup on the tree stand. This picture is retrieved from a chip inside the camera, which had been broken.

If this picture is true then what the hell is that? As you can see, this picture was capture in midnight with night vision turn on. The eye of this creature was shining just like a cat which mean it is a predator. Only predator who hunt in the night will have this kind of eye. It look very skinny and it's structure look just like human. As you can see, it has leg but he is crawling with knee. I don't think any creature with leg and feet will crawl with knee. However it was crawling when the picture was taken. Which I think he was in position for hunting, you know...just like "hunter" in Left 4 Dead.

So, in my opinion, If this picture was unedited and true. This might be a new creature that never seen by human. It could be mutated animal or even just a crazy human wearing a costume. Who know? Judge it by yourselves.


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